Setting up your JAG e-mail under Outlook Express:

  1. Open Outlook Express from your Start Menu or Desktop icon
  2. Once Outlook Express opens, click on the "Tools" menu and then click on "Accounts".

  1. On the right side of the "Internet Accounts" box; click "Add" and then "Mail".

  1. Enter your desired "Display Name" in the box and Click Next.

  1. Enter your JAG e-mail address in the box and Click Next.

*Note the domain name is

  1. The Incoming server type is POP3
  2. Enter the Incoming and Outgoing mail servers as: Click Next.

  1. Enter your JAG username in the form <username> (this is your e-mail address but you need to replace the "@" with a "." Your username is also lowercase. BOTH the username and password are lowercase. Click Next


  1. YOU ARE DONE! Click Finish

Troubleshooting Steps

  • When I reply to messages, I get errors that relaying is denied.
  • Answer 1: If you have two e-mail accounts configured you may encounter this error. Outlook Express is "intelligent enough" to recognize whom the message in your inbox was sent to. When you reply to the mail message in your inbox, Outlook Express uses the recipient account to "sign" the outgoing message. When you try to send this message through our mail servers, you will receive an error stating that we do not relay mail for your account. If you change the "from" to your "" account.

    Answer 2: You are outside of our network. If you are trying to use our pop3 and SMTP servers, outside of the location where your JagWireless connection is setup. You will receive this error. You must either use Http:// (web based e-mail) or contact JagWireless (402-933-2877) or to allow your new location to use the mail servers.

  • Every time I check my mail, my modem dials.
  • Answer: When Outlook Express is open, from the drop down menus, click "Tools", "Accounts" and double-click on your "JagWireless" mail account. Click on the "Connections" tab and check the "Always connect to this account using" box and highlight "Local Area Network".


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